Camila Swimwear

Camila Swimwear is a young and vibrant bikini brand born in the ocean-minded community of South Florida, where summer is celebrated all year round.


Designed by Andrea Merren, and brought to life by the hands of local seamstresses in Colombia, each piece is hand-cut and individually made with handpicked fabrics and materials of the best quality.

We pride ourselves on being a small business and our handmade production approach sets us apart, allowing us to offer authentic high quality designs that are not mass-produced. We want our customers to rest assured that they own a unique product and will not run into another girl at the beach wearing the same suit.

Our designs are created to highlight feminine beauty through simple designs, unique and detailed prints. When it comes to our prints our inspiration is taking in nature different elements and capturing them into our vision. Our goal is to create pieces designed to tell a story. 

Meet Andy

Camila Swimwear designer and Founder was born and raised on a small island in the caribbean. Where she spend most of her childhood soaking up in the sun and ocean. She likes to joke about how she learned how to swim before walking, spending most of her time in a bikini and having less normal clothes. Her love for swimsuits began at a young age but it wasn't till 2016 when her loved turn into passion and the name Camila was born.

The name behind Camila is a tribute to her younger sister who also goes by the name of Camila who has been in her life a major inspiration to everything. Her goal is to create swimsuits that not only envisions the woman body but also recreates important elements on her love for culture and life in the caribbean where she is passionate about the marine life.

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