We are born from the Ocean and to the Ocean we live.

Caribbean sea. Home to the Bay Islands. 


Roatan, that's where Camila is born.

A beautiful small island full of personality.

Hello mermaids,

The ocean has always been a part of who we are. Our love to it, helped us in creating Camila who would be our connection to it. 

We believe in producing less, producing well. Offering authentic high quality designs that are not mass produced. 

Camila is inspired by stories of women who day to day share their voices with the world. Creating pieces that always have the women body in mind. It is important for us to create unique and high qualities pieces. Every piece is ethically hand crafted by local colombian women.


As a brand we want to continue to add our place in this world as a sustainable honest swimwear.


We are a community of women.

Mother, daughter, sister.


X Andy